Tenancy Approval

Who Does the Approval Process Apply to?

All prospective tenants are required to be approved by the Company’s managing Agent prior to moving in to the building. Tenants are defined as any person residing in the building irrespective of whether rent is paid or the relationship of a tenant with the shareholder. A guest staying for more than six (6) weeks is treated as a permanent tenant and is subject to the Company’s approval process. There are limitations on the number of individuals who can occupy a unit (see By-laws).

Approval Process

The Kanimbla Hall Tenant Approval and Guidelines document must be submitted by the leasing agent for approval by the Managing Agent of Kanimbla Hall and an approval provided via email before any person may commence occupation or move goods into the building. Fees and eviction may apply to those who do not gain the required approval from Kanimbla Hall Ltd.

For more information please see the below download/s

Kanimbla Hall Tenant Approval and Guidelines

Kanimbla Hall, 19 & 19a Tusculum Street, Potts Point